Clear Soft Silicone Phone Cases

Create a stunning clear, soft phone case by uploading your own photos and text. Made from a soft silicone material, our cases provide a layer of protection around your phone's back and edges and feel great to the touch when you’re holding your phone.

The soft cases are designed specifically for each model of phone and fit snugly around the device, offering shock absorption and protection from light bumps. We’ve even added a lifted bevel around the screen, which provides optimal lift to protect your phone screen from scratches and scuffs. This allows your phone to be placed face down on many flat surfaces without the risk of scratching or damaging the screen.

Every mobile device is unique. As a result, all of our clear soft cases have full access to the features of your phone, allowing you to get the best out of your device. Always designed to be non-intrusive, we’ve made sure that accessing the charging port is quick and plugging in your headphones in easy - no matter what phone you have. Fitting snug to all corners of your phone, our soft gel case will ensure you have all the edges protected against bumps and scrapes.

We use UV inkjet technology to print designs onto the clear case, which creates a cool effect where your design sits on a clear background - perfect for blending your unique design with the natural style of your phone! Better yet, all our clear, soft phone cases are resilient to fade and boast bright colours that really pop.

Clear Soft Silicone Phone Cases